Having come to Photography and Birdwatching a little later in life than I would ideally have liked I find myself in an increasing hurry to learn and develop my hobby. This website is a further step along the way.
I've often admired images on other bird photographers websites, it is they that have inspired me to have a go myself. So I hope you enjoy my small contribution to the world of nature photography. As you can see this is very much work in progress.
Much of my photography is done in my local area, West Yorkshire, a good number of photographs taken in my garden. I'm a Nikon man, more by accident than design, a Nikon D50 being my first, general purpose camera. I then got interested in Birds, well you know the rest. I now shoot with a Nikon D300, and a recently acquired 500mm F4 VR11 plus 1.4TC. For other situations a Nikon 300mm F4 prime and a 105mm macro lens are in my bag. Previous to that I used a Nikon 500mm F4 P manual focus lens, which I can highly recommend. For image processing Nikons NX2 is my preferred program. I shoot in "Raw" format without exception.

As of April 2012 I am shooting with the Nikon D800. This is my first full frame camera, early indications are that with 36 mp and a 15 mp crop DX may be a thing of the past.